Comparison Pro Baker 7 & 7+

KYS Pro Baker 7+ is an upgrade from KYS Pro Baker 7. The idea behind the update was to create a machine that delivered the best results at the market's best price, and we are confident that we succeeded!

1. KYS Pro Baker 7+ features a 7.5-liter bowl, whereas KYS Pro Baker 7 has a 7-liter bowl.
2. The KYS Pro Baker 7+ has a maximum capacity of 3kg for flour plus liquid, whereas the KYS Pro Baker 7 has a maximum capacity of 2.5kg for flour plus liquid.
3. The KYS Pro Baker 7+ offers a continuous speed range of 45-400 RPM, whereas the KYS Pro Baker 7 provides a continuous speed range of 80-280 RPM. *
4. The KYS Pro Baker 7+ boasts a powerful 750W Brushless DC motor with a lifetime guarantee, while the KYS Pro Baker 7 features a 500W Brushless DC motor.**
5. The KYS Pro Baker 7+ features detachable clamp safety protectors for securing an ice bag (included), while the KYS Pro Baker 7 has fixed clamp safety protectors and does not have the capability to secure an ice bag. ***
6. The KYS Pro Baker 7+ features a unique twist on the dough hook, allowing it to handle the dough with greater care and balance, even at high speeds.



What are the advantages of speed ranging from as low as 45 RPM and all the way up to 400 RPM?
The advantage of low speed is that it allows the dough to work more slowly over a longer period of time without increasing too quickly in temperature due to the friction that occurs during the kneading process. This is particularly beneficial when making drier doughs with low hydration, using a biga, or using a strong flour with a high protein content. With slower kneading, the dough has more time to absorb the liquid before reaching the desired dough temperature, resulting in a strong and well-developed gluten network.
The advantage of high speed with adjustable options is that it is easier to make doughs with high hydration. Doughs with hydration levels from 70-100% are easier to achieve using a spiral mixer with high speed. The usual approach when making high hydration doughs is to start with a blending ratio of 60% hydration. As the dough begins to come together, the speed is increased and small amounts of liquid are added while adjusting the speed to accommodate the increasing hydration of the dough. The higher the hydration, the higher kneading speed is needed. With more liquid doughs, the friction from kneading is not as high as with drier doughs, allowing for faster kneading over a longer period of time without the kneading temperature increasing too quickly.


What is the advantage of a 750W motor over a 500W motor?
The advantage is that the machine can knead larger doughs and have significantly higher speed due to the motor's upgrade. Although a 500W brushless DC motor on a modern spiral mixer is quite good in itself, we wanted to take the new model to new heights and therefore chose to use one of the market's best and most reliable motors, allowing us to offer the world's best motor warranty, namely a lifetime guarantee !


What is the advantage of having an ice bag attached to the mixing bowl during the kneading process?
The advantage is that it allows for significantly longer kneading of the dough before it reaches the desired dough temperature. If it is not possible to attach an ice bag to the mixing bowl, it is common to add ice cubes to the water. The ice bag should be kept in the freezer until needed and then taken out and directly attached to the mixing bowl.