About us

KYS, a Norwegian brand, has transformed over the past decade, evolving from selling pre-made equipment to becoming an all-encompassing entity that handles in-house design, development, testing, and quality assurance.

Our management team, consisting of Norwegian experts with over 50 years of combined experience in engineering, design, manufacturing quality assurance, and most importantly, baking, ensures the utmost professionalism in our operations.

As experienced Norwegian experts in the field of baking and technology, we have invested countless hours in the meticulous design, development, and rigorous testing of our spiral mixers. Through years of trial and error, we have achieved remarkable success, resulting in the creation of what we confidently believe to be the finest series of spiral mixers available in the market. Not only do our mixers boast an affordable price, but their exceptional quality rivals, if not surpasses, that of many considerably more expensive alternatives.

Our primary focus has been on our domestic market, Norway, where we have successfully sold thousands of mixers. However, due to overwhelming demand from American buyers, we have recognized a significant opportunity in the US market for our mixers. As a result, we have established this dedicated website shop specifically catered to the American market. The selection of products featured here has been specially designed to accommodate the 110V/60hz power grid and approval systems in the US, ensuring seamless compatibility. Additionally, our streamlined logistics and shipping processes enable us to efficiently deliver your orders. We plan to expand our product range in the near future to meet the growing demand in this market.