The Spiral Mixer, the kitchen machine of the future!


Never before has there been such a great interest in yeast-based baking in private homes, and a large part of the reason is the enormous enthusiasm for homemade pizza with the perfect crust.

In most households, we are accustomed to seeing the classic kitchen machine that kneads, whips, blends, and can even make smoothies.

But there is a trend that is changing, at least for the dedicated baking enthusiasts who are constantly seeking the perfect dough.


Why is the spiral mixer the best choice?

The spiral mixer operates in a completely unique way. It features a spiral mixing hook, a central shaft, and a rotating bowl. This ensures that the dough is stretched and kneaded effectively, while also incorporating small air bubbles throughout the kneading process. Just 10 minutes in a proper spiral mixer is equivalent to approximately 30 minutes of vigorous hand kneading. When making doughs with Biga, using a spiral mixer is almost a must.

Additionally, the spiral mixer is perfect for doughs with high hydration, especially if it has the ability to adjust the speed. The faster the machine operates, the easier it handles doughs with high hydration.

Kneading a dough with 70-90% hydration by hand or in a regular kitchen mixer can be extremely challenging, but it is a simple task for a spiral mixer.

Why KYS Pro Baker ?

We, at KYS, have devoted thousands of hours to designing, developing, and testing spiral mixers. After several years of trial and error, along with successful outcomes, we have arrived at what we believe to be the best series of spiral mixers in the market, offered at an affordable price and with a quality that is on par, if not better, than many much more expensive mixers.