The Spiral Mixer, the kitchen machine of the future!

These days, there's a huge buzz around yeast-based baking in the comfort of our own homes, and a big reason for this is the obsession with homemade pizza and its flawless crust.

We're all familiar with the trusty kitchen appliance that does it all - kneading, whipping, blending, and even making smoothies. However, there's a new wave happening, especially for passionate baking fanatics who are always on the hunt for that ultimate dough.

Enter the baking pizza dough spiral mixer, revolutionizing the way we approach our pizza-making endeavors.


Why should you choose a spiral mixer for baking pizza dough?

The spiral mixer is unlike any other mixer out there. With its unique design of a spiral mixing hook, central shaft, and rotating bowl, it ensures that your dough is stretched and kneaded to perfection. Not only that, but it also incorporates small air bubbles throughout the kneading process. In just 10 minutes, this mixer can do the work of approximately 30 minutes of vigorous hand kneading. So if you're using Biga to make your dough, a spiral mixer is almost a must-have.

But that's not all! The spiral mixer is also ideal for doughs with high hydration, especially if it has adjustable speed settings. The faster the machine operates, the better it handles doughs with high hydration.

Imagine trying to knead a dough with 70-90% hydration by hand or with a regular kitchen mixer - it would be a real challenge! But with a spiral mixer, it's a piece of cake

Why KYS Pro Baker ?

At KYS, we've put in countless hours designing, developing, and testing spiral mixers. After lots of trial and error, we've finally come up with the best series of spiral mixers out there. And guess what? They're not only affordable but also of top-notch quality, rivaling even those pricier options on the market. Trust us, we've done our homework!