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Pro Baker Easy 5 Tilt-head spiralmixer

Pro Baker Easy 5 Tilt-head spiralmixer

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Pro Baker Easy 5 ~ Take baking to new heights.

Ice bag to keep the dough cool included !

A beautiful kneading machine with trendy, Nordic design and industrial quality. Pro Baker Easy 5, delivers raw power and stretches the dough in a way only such a machine can do. It also has a removable bowl, for easy cleaning.

What makes Pro Baker so unique?

-Silence, elegance and price

It is a specialist in its field and delivers a professional result. With a spiral kneading hook and tension rod in the center of the bowl, the machine creates a strong and good gluten network. The kneading bar ensures that the dough is stretched at the same time as the spiral hook kneads the dough. This prevents the dough from being thrown around in the baking bowl. The result of this is a smooth and flexible dough, which gives an airy and nice baking result. Remove the bowl from the machine and cover. Let the dough rise on the kitchen counter or in the fridge.

Comfort and safety
With Pro Baker's innovative system, the machine delivers almost silent kneading.
The machine comes with a protective grid, which automatically closes the machine when lifting. It also has solid legs with anti-friction. Now the children can safely join in the baking.

Area of use
With Pro Baker Easy, you knead all types of dough with perfect results. Due to the stepless speed regulator, you easily make dough with high hydration for an extra airy, juicy and crispy crust in your bakery. Keep easy control over the kneading temperature of the dough by adjusting the speed according to the desired kneading time and final temperature of the dough.

Pro tip: A perfectly kneaded dough should have a temperature of 24-26 degrees Celsius.

- The machine is well suited for baking with spelled and gluten-free flour!

Cleaning the machine is carried out simply by moistening a cloth and removing any remaining dough from the inside of the bowl and kneading hook. Or by putting the bowl in the dishwasher.

Color: Black
Power: 370W 220V/50HZ
Bowl Capacity: 5 L
Flour Capacity Min/Max: 250/2000gram
Dough capacity (flour+water): 3.2 kg (60% hyd.)
Mixing Speed: 36-420 rpm
Bowl Speed: 2.6-30 rpm
Digital Display: Dough temperature, Speed and Timer
Weight: 26.5 kg

Height: 37 cm
Length: 48 cm
Width: 27 cm

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